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1. What form of deed can be provided by the County?

Limited Warranty Deed

2. Can a portion of the property be purchased?

While all plans will be considered, it is the preference of the County to convey the entirety of the property available to a single development team or owner. Timing and scheduling of the real estate transaction may be flexible depending on the plans submitted to maximize the County’s interests and development potential of the property.

3. What entitlements for redevelopment have been issued?

At present, no entitlements have been issued. Those which will be required from the developer will likely include zoning, subdivision approval, demolition permit, land disturbance permit, and environmental studies.

4. Since the property is currently in use, what timing issues exist?

County Square—The main County administrative office is currently in use and extremely active to the point that the County does not desire to temporarily relocate its citizen services and workforce during construction. Therefore, a new County administrative offices facility will need to be constructed prior to demolishing the existing County Square facility.

Family Court—The County will need to relocate these State services prior to demolishing the building.

Health Department—The County will need to relocate these State services prior to demolishing the building.

300 University Ridge—This facility currently houses three tenants.

  1. General Services Administration, Office of Hearing and Appeals is a federal lease that can be terminated at any time with sixty (60) days' notice at the lessee’s request, or expires on a firm date of 9/31/19.
  2. The Pilzer law firm services the Social Security Court also in the facility and has a lease co-terminus with GSA with a 60 day notice.
  3. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle's lease expires 6/30/18.

5. Are there any known environmental issues on the properties?

All known environmental studies and reports for the University Ridge properties have been provided.

6. Will the County be making any environmental improvements prior to closing?

It is currently anticipated that the purchaser will be responsible for all demolition and any remediation prior to demolition and/or construction.

7. What is the status of utilities on the property?

All known public infrastructure and utilities materials related to the property have been provided.